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 I will be teaching PAP Biology, Biology and coordinating Science Olympiad this year. The PAP biology course will be challenging and your students will be on the right track to being prepared for future advanced courses.  I am extremely excited to return to the Waller district and especially to teach biology.  I am in my 11th year of teaching which 7 years were spent teaching 7th and 8th grade science.   I also have worked with and coached Science Olympiad on the middle school level for several years and I hope everyone becomes involved in the 4th year at Waller HS. I especially hope to see students with a drive to succeed. I have high expectations for all my students. I am married and have three awesome boys. My youngest will be 10 months as school starts, my next oldest is going to 6th grade and my oldest is going to 12th grade at Waller high school.  I can't wait to meet all my students and get started. 


Email: jmarshall@wallerisd.net

I hope for all to be happy and try to make the best of each day because  " you only have one chance.... www.zafy.org."

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